About Us

Who Are We?

At first, we were just a small team of amateur traders who were interested in how Bitcoin could potentially grow over the years. While we didn't start trading that many years ago, we were closely looking at Bitcoin since it was first introduced in 2009.

We did this because the appearance of a new asset was highly interesting for the financial world; depending on how it behaved, it could greatly impact the economy as we know it. As we all have seen, Bitcoin has made quite the impression.

After seeing Bitcoin's success over the years, we started to look for optimal ways to get them. Research told us that one of the most popular ways to get this cryptocurrency is by trading it. We already knew how to trade other assets, so we had the foundation of what we had to do.

However, Bitcoin trading is a bit different from other types of trading. One of the most remarkable features about Bitcoin is its volatility; normally, you can accurately predict the future value of an asset based on how it has behaved over the past days/weeks/months. Doing this with Bitcoin is a little more complicated since its value can drastically change unexpectedly, which can affect your trading decisions.

The only way to minimize these risk factors is to continually monitor the market so that you can create a short-term trading strategy that adapts to your needs. However, we frequently struggled to keep monitoring the market for that many hours, which is why we started looking for ways to optimize the process. That's how the idea for Bitcoin Society came up for the first time.

How We Made Bitcoin Society

Trading apps are not an entirely new concept in the trading world. These have been recently created to optimize the trading process for the trader. However, it's complicated to find a reliable app of this kind, considering that not everyone trades in the same way. For a trading app to be successful, it has to function equally for every type of trader.

We focused on creating something that everyone could use without any issues, so we implemented advanced, homebrewed AI technology that allows the app to adapt to the traders' specific needs.

Thanks to our team of skilled traders and developers, we've been able to create an effective service that is continually growing and evolving.

Join Our Trading Community!

Our app is already out to the public, but we're still doing our best to keep updating it with important and necessary features that are needed to trade currently. Bitcoin is evolving each day, so it's important for the app to keep evolving too.

We're more than happy to have you in our community! All you need to do to start is to fill out our registration form to start using Bitcoin Society.